BTS Jimin's "Face" album and his Billboard "Hot 100" No.1 track "Like Crazy" have been receiving widespread attention on American college campuses. On April 21, Colorado College's student newspaper, The Catalyst, ranked "Like Crazy" second in its review of 2023 Billboard Main Single Chart "Hot 100" No.1 songs.

The publication described Jimin's debut album single "Like Crazy" as a fun and intriguing song from start to finish that follows all the emotions surrounding a breakup, and encourages listeners to embark on an exciting adventure to move forward.

The article highlighted that "Like Crazy" is the first Korean solo artist song to reach No.1 on two main Billboard charts - singles and albums - and is one of the 66 songs in Billboard's hot shot debut history. It's undeniable that Jimin's accomplishments with his solo song are symbolic enough to earn the No.2 spot, the article emphasized.

Besides "Like Crazy" ranking second, country singer Morgan Wallen's "Last Night" placed fifth, The Weeknd's "Die for You" remix featuring Ariana Grande ranked fourth, Taylor Swift's "Anti-Hero" came in third, and Miley Cyrus's "Flowers" claimed the top spot.

Earlier, Harvard University's student newspaper The Harvard Crimson stated that Jimin's "Face" is "one of the most anticipated albums of 2023," adding that Jimin sets high standards for his contemporaries while leading listeners on a genre-crossing exploration of his inner psyche, defining a groovy and captivating sound in the process.

Jen A. Hughes, the writer, praised the opening track"Face-off" as a hint at the themes of loneliness, escape, and introspection throughout the album. She also noted that 'Interlude: Dive' serves as an appropriate transition from the outward anger of 'Face-off' to the dreamy introspection of "Like Crazy."

The title track "Like Crazy" stands out in the album, "evoking Michael Jackson with its '80s-inspired choreography and styling." She also mentioned that the track "Alone," which responds to "Like Crazy," vividly reveals the emotions of forced self-reflection during a lonely night with the monotony of isolated daily life.

Furthermore, the grand hip-hop track "Set Me Free Pt.2," which is on par with BTS's "ON," and the hidden track "Letter," available only on physical CDs, are also worth mentioning. The writer expressed regret that 'Letter' is not available on streaming services, saying it's "a loss we'll mourn for years to come."

Jimin's solo album "Face" and its title track "Like Crazy" not only left a monumental mark in pop history, but also captured the attention of the younger generation in American college campuses, contributing to the second K-pop resurgence in the United States.