Singer Taeyang has taken the top spot on YouTube's worldwide trending chart with his new song.

On April 2h at 6 pm (KST), the performance video for 'Shoong! (feat. LISA of BLACKPINK)', a track from Taeyang's new mini-album 'Down to Earth', reached #1 on YouTube's worldwide trending chart as of the morning of the 26th.

The YouTube Music Video Trending Worldwide chart ranks music videos and stage performances of global artists based on their view counts. Taeyang's 'Shoong!' performance video, featuring BLACKPINK member Lisa, quickly climbed the charts, demonstrating the intense interest of global fans.

With Taeyang and Lisa's hip swagger on full display, the performance video has garnered over 10 million views in just 15 hours, powered by the love of global music fans. The new song has also topped iTunes charts in 30 countries and regions.

'Shoong!' is an R&B trap genre track with a catchy melody and trendy hip-hop beat. Taeyang's refreshing vocals and BLACKPINK Lisa's sensuous rapping come together to create a song that evokes the feeling of going on a drive.

Taeyang also charted high on YouTube's Trending Worldwide list with the title track of his new release, 'In My Heart (Seed)'. He has proven his prowess by topping iTunes charts in 11 countries and regions.

Taeyang officially began his comeback activities with the album's release at 6 pm on April 25th.