BIGBANG's Taeyang has revealed the reason for his move from YG Entertainment to The Black Label.

On April 24th, Taeyang held a media listening event for his new EP "Down to Earth" at Hyundai Card Understage in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

'Down to Earth' is Taeyang's first album release in five years and his first work since joining The Black Label.

Taeyang left YG Entertainment and settled into a new home at The Black Label, with whom he has been collaborating musically for a long time. He said, "I have been working continuously with The Black Label since my last album," and added, "I had been working on music at The Black Label. Many producers at The Black Label had also been at YG, and we had been exchanging ideas like that, which led to me naturally moving to the new agency."

He continued, "I think I was able to focus more on preparing my album as a solo artist," and added, "When I decided to return to my original intentions, I was grateful for the support and encouragement from The Black Label's producers and staff who had worked with me on music. I think those things led me to join The Black Label."

"Down to Earth" features a total of six tracks, including the title track "In My Heart", "VIBE (Feat. Jimin of BTS)', 'Shoong! (feat. LISA of BLACKPINK)", "I Am", "Inspiration (feat. Beenzino)", and "Nightfall (feat. Bryan Chase)". The album was released on April 25 at 6 PM.