Actor Kim Yong-gun (76) is embroiled in a premarital pregnancy scandal.

According to an exclusive report by Dispatch, an acquaintance revealed, "Kim Yong-gun and A (37) met in 2008 at a drama finale party and maintained a good relationship for 13 years. The two continued to date without any burdens until they decided to break up last March. A told Kim Yong-gun she was pregnant but he objected to the birth eventually leading to a lawsuit."

The acquaintance revealed, "being pregnant at 76 was burdensome for the actor as he knew he couldn't take care of the child until the end. But A didn't want to abort the child and complained because they had dated for 13 years in secret. As much as Kim Yong-gun's remaining life is precious, a woman's life is also important. A felt that Kim was being selfish and irresponsible."

In the end, the pregnancy escalated into a court battle and on the 24th, A filed a lawsuit against the actor for forcing her to have an abortion. Kim recently appeared at police station for investigations.

An official from Kim's side stated, "His girlfriend got pregnant when he was at age of 76. At first he was puzzled and in the process of persuading A, his voice grew louder. Now he wants to clear up the misunderstanding. A and the fetus' health is more important that Kim's current situation."

A refused to the speak on the matter directly as the wounds she received during the 2 months after the pregnancy were too big. She left everything to her lawyer who stated, "A met Kim Yong-gun at the age of 24 and became pregnant at 37. A lot happened in 13 years. A responsible attitude is necessary."

Kim Yong-gun is a famous veteran actor that has been steadily loved through many movies, dramas and entertainment programs. He married in 1977 and divorced in 1996 and has two sons, actor Ha Jung-woo (real name Kim Seong-hoon) and Cha Hyun-woo (real name Kim Yong-hoon).

Comments from Korean Netizens:

  1. [+4,017, -168] A child is precious but he will get a lot of hurt once he grows up. Who wants to be a grandfather to their newborn ㅠ . She doesn't seem normal either.
  2. [+2,360, -74] So at the age of 24 she was coming in and out of a chaebol's house? A man 40 years older who lived alone..? This relationship is matter how much love transcends is this love??
  3. [+1,360, -74] But this isn't an affair? It's a bit offensive but what's there to criticize? They met because they liked each other.
  4. [+994, -80] He got angry because he didn't want to take responsibility, that's why she sued
  5. [+655, -30] Ah, the money must be good ㅋㅋ40 year age difference ㅋㅋ
  6. [+329, -7] A paternity test is a must
  7. [+279, -4] If they began dating 13 yrs ago that means she was 24 meeting a 63 yr old ahjussi? Crazy
  8. [+187, -10] Looks like she's angling for his legacy...

SR: Daily Naver Blog