Here are their 10 best fashions that are definitely perfect.

1. Back to school looks

This school uniform concept is not new in Korean style. This is known to be a symbol of youth and carefree life. ITZY combined preppy, edgy, and sporty elements and turn this school uniform fashion into a new style.

2. Tropical twist style 

The group's single "ICY" was released in summer, so they portrayed the season with tropical-inspired outfits. They used outfits with palm trees, anchors, blue skies, and colors of the sea to make the music video more refreshing and cuter. 

3. Army girls look

In one of ITZY's performances, they used camouflage prints to give off sexy and sporty vibes. Instead of using the typical army shades, they added colors like yellow and orange. They also added fishnet pieces for their inner and outerwear in order to make a bold statement.

4. Shine brightly like a diamond

The girls of ITZY are shining with their stage presence and amazing looks. However, their outfits with sequins and glitters make them glow more on stage. They wear outfits that have the most unique pieces include metallic pastels, holographic accessories, and bejeweled denim.

5. Splash of colors fashion

The group showcases colors that take you into their fun and dynamic stages. The members of ITZY wear outfits with iridescent shades of neon and subtle pops of color.  They are always the trendsetter when it comes to chic streetwear aesthetic.

6. Designer muses forever

ITZY has worn almost all high fashion brands like Versace, Fendi, Balmain, Chanel, and Alexander Wang. They proudly wore logomania and used different pieces to give each member a unique look

7. Fashion event and red-carpet-ready

The members can play with their looks form casual streetwear or more dressy looks. They are not born to fit in because they always stand out. In the red carpet, they can wear minimalist and sleek all-white outfits that give a refreshing contrast vibe. They always sit in the front rows of fashion shows because their trendy statement pieces deserve a lot of attention.

8. Subtle accessories and makeup are the best

The members of the group can highlight their special features and make sure their makeup is not too much. They elevate their look by using hints of sparkle, color, or eyeshadow stickers. Their outfits are loud and bold, so they use elegant and understated jewelry.

9. Great personal style

Whenever they are off cam, the girls are seen wearing comfy and casual wear. They upgrade their looks with a cute designer bag or cool outerwear. They enjoy their normal day with simplicity.

10. Confidence adds up to great fashion

They can slay their fashion because their confidence shines in every look. They are embracing everything they are while performing  "Dalla Dalla" and "ICY". This is the reason why their fans can't get enough of them on stage.