The stars of Crash Landing On You, South Korean stars Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin, are asking, "Will they walk down the aisle together?" Here is what we know!

Son Ye Jin, ready to marry Hyun Bin?

The 40-year-old actress first had her love interest to the actor, also of the same age, back in 2018 when they collaborated for the film titled The Negotiation. Since the two stars became closer to each other when they met during the movie's promotions.

Despite the distance they follow during the film's shooting, she began feeling a romantic vibe with Hyun Bin when they traveled together for the movie.

The two stars' dating rumors kicked off when they were spotted close to each other at a mart in the United States, shortly after their movie was released. The stories became even more at their peak during the heels time of Crash Landing On You by tvN.

When Son Ye Jin confirmed their relationship a few weeks ago, fans were very swift to throw marriage questions to the all-star couple. However, Son Ye Jin hasn't disclosed that she and Hyun Bin plans to tie the knot soon.

Son Ye Jin talks about marriage

In the actress's past interviews, she talked about marriage and how her life goals are connected to it. "Marriage? It's always a goal that I dream of, but at times I'm sad because I feel it's getting further away from me," she said.

The star then continued that she focused more on her career, making her cross over her thirties without marrying a choice. "I want to be married before I turn 40," she added.

Due to Son Ye Jin's past remarks, fans could not help but gush over that the actress will soon be marrying, considering she is already at the age she goals to be married. However, the couple's plans to get married are still on their hands, but fans hope it would happen very soon.