Two weeks after reports of "Breathe" singer Lee Hi comeback plans surfaced online, the singer-songwriter took to Instagram to post a self-portrayed photo with an artistic light peach background. 


The caption writes "D-10". Per AllKpop, the singer's "vague" post left the fans speculating that the image posted is a teaser for Lee Hi's upcoming album, as "D-10" bearing the remaining ten days before the album launch. 


Lee Hi's post was then backed by her Instagram account's bio, writing the same "D-10" figures. Having all these said, the comeback rumors of the singer is now starting to become facts.




Earlier this month, an insider told AllKpop that Lee Hi is in the finishing touches phase of her album and is set to sign an exclusive contract under Jay Park owned label, AOMG. It has also been a year since Lee Hi released her EP "24℃" in May.

Lee Hi emerged in the K-pop industry in 2012 as SBS' K-pop Star Season 1 runner up behind Park Ji-min. Lee Hi was then sheltered in the umbrella of YG Entertainment by Yang Hyun-suk, allowing her to debut "1, 2, 3, 4" on October 28, 2012, having 667,549 downloads on its first week. Lee Hi's first full-length LP entitled "First Love" was divided into two parts, launched on March 7, 2018, and the 28th.

In the early months of 2019, Lee Hi re-promoted her EP with the title track called "No One" that featured rapper 'B.I.'

Lee Hi's single peaked in all of South Korea's airplay charts like Mnet, Genie, and Melon. Lee Hi received her first music show award for the track "No One" in Mnet's M Countdown.

In December of the same year, 23-year-old Lee Hi parted with home management, YG Entertainment, announcing her departure after seven full-years by posting an open letter.

Lee Hi was last seen performing as a power duet with Lee Sora in "Begin Again Korea."