The 22-year-old singer of NCT, Jungwoo, trended because of a photo of him smoking a cigarette. Well, fans come to the defense of the singer.

The diverse reactions of Jungwoo's fans

In an Allkpop report, hailing from the South Korean all-boy group NCT, Jungwoo, trended on December 9 (Wednesday) as photos of him smoking surfaced online. The case left his beloved fans on shock, as they come to take the fact in that their idol is damaging his lungs.

However, fans' discovery of Jungwoo smoking became an agitating talk on Twitter as tweets about the matter continues to pile up. Amid the fans' effort to take the photos down, various media outlets already grabbed hold of them, making the talk turn into a new break.

The widespread of Jungwoo's photos while smoking did not affect all fans, though. Although many fans negatively criticized the idol, many also came into Jungwoo's side, putting on their defense armor for the singer.

While fans cry out for a boycott, many took the social media platform exclaiming that Jungwoo is an adult, and it is no one's business to interfere with doing his stuff.

Some fans also noticed how good looking Jungwoo looks while smoking, as he gives out a different vibe, distinct from the ones he shows while on stage. Korea Boo listed the most-hilarious yet fun fans' reactions, making the critics of Jungwoo madder.

NCT's Jungwoo is a chain smoker?

Neither the NCT member nor the boy band's entertainment agency, SM Entertainment, addresses the matter. It is also unclear as to how and when Jungwoo started puffing cigarettes and whether he is a chain smoker or not.

Fans are also would like to know if SM Entertainment knows that he is a smoker, as it seems to hide from the crowd while doing it.

Stay tuned!