Contrary to what others thought that an idol's life is easy, EXID members Hani and Hyelin's hardships in promoting as solo artists will somehow make create a different view of an idol's life.

The two have recently appeared in MBN’s Miss Back and divulged their experiences. The variety show is a documentary and variety show combination that features a group of female artists debuted in an idol group yet forgotten as time goes by. Through the show, the cast can share their stories and hope for another success as singers.

An Honest Revelation

In the MBN’s Miss Back recent episode aired on November 12, KST, the EXID members gathered together and discussed their difficulties in promoting solo. All of the members of EXID were present on the show, including Hani, Solji, LE, and Helin, except for Jeonghwa, who was not able to join on the show.

While they enjoy their meals together, they tackled their lives after they parted ways with Banana Culture, their entertainment agency, and now focused on solo promotions. 

EXID Hani shared a sorrowful confession about her current life situation, wherein she is now promoting as a solo artist. She said that she could not laugh at times while promoting alone. She could smile, but there was not a time that she could laugh out loud. And, she does not have anyone to share things with anymore. 

The Struggles Being A Solo Artist

On the other hand, Hyelin agreed with Hani and made an honest confession on her solo promotions. She said that after realizing she has no one to share and be with her, she fell into a panic state. Hyelin also realized that no one would also fill her lack of skills when up on stage. She even stated about standing on stage alone, terrified.

Other members comforted Hyelin after hearing her story. EXID Hani said that she does not need to do well on stage but enjoy doing it.

Also, Solji, the EXID’s leader, and the oldest member gave amusing advice, making everyone burst into laughter that Hyelin should have a drink before going on stage.

The girls also talked about the moments they committed mistakes while performing on stage. LE and Hani shared while laughing that it is okay if things go wrong and kiddingly asked how many times have they ruined their sets.