TREASURE's managing label YG Entertainment officially updated the fans on their plans with TREASURE's promotional activities involving their album, and fans cannot wait!

Following the previous official statement from YG Entertainment, which states that the band is bound to drop their third single album this coming November 6, fans are hyped on what's coming next.

YG Entertainment did not fail to surprise fans as they reveal that TREASURE's first-ever full-length album is slated to launch in January 2021. (via Hellokpop)

That being said, TREASURE's upcoming single album 'THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER THREE' this November is set to gear up for their most prolonged promotional activity by December of this year. Fans are already setting their hopes up as the rookie group TREASURE is getting ready to dominate the K-pop world by next year with their full-length album. (via Xportnews)

TREASURE debuted in the K-pop scene last August 7. TREASURE consists of 12 members who truly are gifted with natural music capabilities, following their official debut.

Rookie band TREASURE managed to sell a total of 500,000 units with their two single albums only.

This enabled TREASURE to gain mainstream success, with obtaining their first award title 'Rookie of the Year.' Fans believe that TREASURE would stand alongside prominent bands in the K-pop scene in due time.

With the official announcement of dropping the full-length in the first quarter of 2021, YG Entertainment is hoping that fans' would look forward to it, send their love, and undying support for the rookie band, TREASURE.

Indeed, fans are now looking forward to their music and promotional activities. YG Entertainment concluded that with December as the month where awarding ceremonies would be held continuously, they promised the fans that they would bring out quality content and music for TREASURE's upcoming release this November.


Their upcoming third album is slated to launch this coming November 6. The album's opening track 'MMM' rap part is composed of members Choi Hyun Suk, Haruto, and Yoshi, while the track 'Orange' was co-composed with members Asahi and Haruto.