EXO's Chen has officially informed his fans about his preparations to enlist and serve in the military this month.

On October 16, Friday, EXO's Chen wrote his fans a personal and heartfelt letter informing his fans that he would be entering the military and leaving the K-pop scene for a while, this coming October 26. (via Koreaboo)

Chen would be the fourth member of the prominent band of EXO to enter the military, following other members, Xiumin, D.O, and Suho.

In his letter for his fans, Chen started by asking his fans their current state and hoped that they are safe and healthy amid the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and threat.

He then told the reason for his letter, which is to solely inform the fans that he is making preparations to enlist in the military later this month, which is on October 26.

The idol will be leaving the K-pop scene for a long time while serving for his country, but would not be forgetting his fans who showed him undying support since the beginning of his career.

He promised the fans that he would do his best to fulfill his duties in the military diligently and for his nation by taking care of his physical and mental health.

Chen mentioned that when he comes back from his service, fans can expect his growth, and he will duly embody the lessons he learns from his military service as a netizen of South Korea.

He hoped that as he enlists, fans would stay healthy and follow the government's restriction to avoid the surge of the COVID-19 in the country.

Chen concluded his letter by expressing his love and his heartfelt gratitude for every fan who shows him unconditional love and support for him and his career.

Some fans are saddened by his news of entering the military, as they won't be seeing him for the next two years.

However, devoted supporters of EXO and Chen would be waiting for him in the K-pop scene soon and for his music.