The upcoming drama of SKY Channel, Are You Leaving (literal title), has finally confirmed its lineup of the talented cast!

A Musical Story Of Love And Dreams

The musical fantasy romance drama Are You Leaving is based on a webtoon of the same name. It follows the young adults' love and dreams in their 20s. Chani of SF9 will be playing the role of a musician named Park Yeon, known as one of three musical geniuses and Wang San Ak and U Reuk.

The rookie actress Park Jung Yeon will be starring as a busker from present times named Min Yoo Jung. Lee Won, a musician in the past and popular idol in the present, will be played by N.Flying's Lee Seung Hyub. Also, another character to look out for is an entertainment agency director named Do Young.

The Characters' Engaging Roles

Chani, with his role in the hit drama SKY Castle, has risen to stardom. Park Yeon will be portraying a genius musician from the past. The character has a good-natured, honest, and naive personality, and love for him is everything.

The character in the drama King Maker: The Change of Destiny, Park Jung Yeon, will be taking the role of a bold Min Yoo Jung. Her family was separated when she was young. This was after going bankrupt, and since then, she has taken care of herself.

Yoo Jung made absences from school as she faces financial difficulties as an adult. She also fills her schedule with multiple part-time jobs. One day, she starts to have courage in chasing her dreams of becoming a singer as she awakens Park Yeon.

N.Flying and actor Lee Seung Hyub will become a passionate vocalist through his character Lee Won. He has an extraordinary sense of desire and determination as a vocalist and when it comes to working.

Through hard work, he rose to the top rather than with natural talent. In his mission of winning Yoo Jung's heart, he then applies this work ethic.

Before officially airing on SKY Channel, Are You Leaving will be pre-released on the OTT platform Seezn in January 2021.