On October 15, 2020, SM Entertainment released a statement on behalf of trainee Yoo Ji Min and the issue she is surrounded on, maliciously commenting about other K-pop Idols in the music business.

SM Entertainment stated that these rumors spreading on the web about Yoo Ji Min are baseless and fabricated. Despite her making a debut soon, the rumor is an act of defamation of her honor and character.

The company continued saying that it will not tolerate defamation and the circulation of malicious rumors online to protect Yoo Ji Min’s honor and character.

They added that the company hired Kim & Chang Law Firm as it’s legal representatives and has filed a legal complaint at the Gangnam Police Station for defamation on October 14, 2020, against netizens who have performed malicious actions online about Yoo Ji Min.

SM Entertainment added that it would continue to take serious and legal actions against people who commit malicious comments online regarding Yoo Ji Min and their other artists.

In a previous report, Yoo Ji Min was rumored to have commented negatively about other K-pop idols in the music industry, such as NCT and BTS.

In a conversation screenshot with a friend, the SM Entertainment trainee allegedly stated that her agency would reveal two male trainees as NCT members and said that their visuals are subpar with the other members. She later stated that NCT is not doing well, and EXO is not as popular as it used to be.

Yoo Jimin maybe talking about the newest members of NCT, Shotaro, and Sungchan, who were introduced through V Live. On the other hand, EXO members have separate projects in line, but they have never been unpopular through the years.

Later on, Yoo Jimin’s friend asked her if she wanted to relocate to Big Hit Entertainment due to BTS being the number one K-pop idols in the business. However, the SME trainee replied by saying that SM Entertainment and its idols can not compare to what Big Hit is today.

Yoo Jimin added by saying, “I didn’t like BTS originally because they’re Ugly.” Her friend then replied that “That’s right. We used to say that BTS was ugly, especially Jimin and RM. It was funny back then.”