On October 14, Wednesday, E'LAST's managing label, E Entertainment, confirmed the news that the group will make a November comeback with a new album! (via Kpopstarz)

On the same day that the label made the announcement, the boy band made some changes in their official logo cover on their SNS account.

E'LAST rose to prominence after being hailed as the newest K-pop rookie artist this year with their opening track 'The Knight's Oath' from their mini-album 'Day Dream' back in June.

As the boy band gears up for their upcoming comeback, they are also occupied with the promotional activities preparation, including TV show appearances and radio programs. Fans are thrilled and excited to hear more updates on this news as they can see E'LAST once more with a taste of their anticipated music album this November.

The rookie boy band E'LAST will surely follow their senior boy bands' steps as they embark on a new and youthful path full of hope and positivity. There is no doubt that they can be even more successful, seeing as they have several fans showing their undying love and support for the group.

E'LAST, also known as 'Everlasting,' is E Entertainment's first established boy band, features members Choi, Rano, Seungyeop, Baekgyeul, Romin, and Won Hyuk, Wonjun. and Yejun. 

The boys started their careers earlier this year in June with the mini-album 'Day Dream.' (via Kpophit)

Meanwhile, members Won Hyuk and Won Jun are previous contenders for the Produce X 10 survival show. 

E'LAST is known for working diligently to show fans and people their potential to grow in their music by always leveling up their concepts and music video in every album or music performance they showcase. Indeed, fans will love the upcoming album this November! 

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