FNC Entertainment’s K-pop boy band, P1Harmony, shares details about its upcoming debut at the end of the month, along with an album poster.

P1Harmony reveals their plans for their upcoming debut on October 28, 2020, with their debut album titled, “DISHARMONY: STAND OUT.” The boy band plans to release a titled poster with an album trailer on October 14, while the group will unveil the jacket poster on October 15 and 16.

Moreover, a prologue will be released on October 19, while two music video teasers will soon follow, and a tracklist along with a highlight medley of all the songs from the album. P1Harmony will be debuting on October 28, 2020.

P1Harmony is the first K-pop group that will star in a pre-debut film titled “P1HarmonyThe Beginning of a New World” and will be depicting their universe and storyline.

According to the music label, the story revolves around six boys from the stars of a fictional place called Alkaid and Alcor. The boys are said to arrive on Earth to save the planet from the spread of the virus. The fictional virus is known to bring chaos and violence to the people, which the boys will seek to prevent.

Meanwhile, P1Harmory is now part of the Weverse family, and now, fans can catch the check them out on the online application. Weverse is a world fan platform where netizens can communicate and chat with popular K-pop idols launched by beNX with BTS leading in the online application.

A source from Weverse stated, “We are pleased that the brand new group P1Harmony are taking their first steps towards speaking with the world followers by means on Weverse.”

“As a foundational platform for world fandom with over 14 million individuals visiting every day from 229 nations and areas, we are going to share numerous providers that may create a significant area and a brand new tradition for artists and followers to speak and develop collectively,” said Weverse.

P1Harmony’s Weverse fandom community was launched on the platform on October 5, 2020.