As the beloved fans of BTS, who call themselves ARMYs, is anticipating the online concert of their idols' in a few days, BTS has taken Youtube to poke its fans' anticipation. The Bangtan Boys, best known as BTS, released two transcendental video teasers for its online concert titled Map of The Soul ON:E.

Having that said, BTS allowed the fans to take a vast to peek at the concert's concepts and the things they are ought to expect to happen at the event.

All seven lads of BTS donned eccentric yet simple outfits that tag along with the colors white, black, and gray. The K-pop septet has flaunted its mesmerizing auras and attitudes with the more mature vibe brought by both video teasers.

The fierceness and otherworldly vibes of BTS has made them look more elegant and ferocious in the 19-second videos. As per Hellokpop, the video teasers make BTS look like the leading actors of an action film or models about to slay the runway.

A reflection of oneself

The first video teaser kicked off with the bandleader RM battling against his counterpart, while member Jin rests on a mattress inside a vast ballroom full of mirrors and lamps. The next scene moved on to rapper J-hop and Suga, who drifted to a body of water.

The short video concluded with members V and Jimin staring at their reflection in the pieces of glass. At the same time, Jungkook treks a never-ending mirror pathway.

Dionysus inspired

The second video teaser released by BTS is reminiscent of its previous track titled Dionysus, showcasing the majestic setup of a Greek kingdom.

Each BTS member flaunted their dashing looks while wearing galactic black suits, giving the camera intense gazes. BTS's slow-motion shots in a long dining table made them look like Greek gods waiting to be served.

Meanwhile, BTS' Map of The Soul ON:E online concert will occur this October 10 and October 11, 2020.