JTBC’s “More Than Friends” released a new behind-the-scenes clip, showing off Shin Ye Eun’s “drunk” acting skills!

“More Than Friends” is a television series that tells about the story of two close friends who fall in a one-sided love with one another over ten years. But because of misunderstandings, they just remained friends. Starring Shin Ye Eun, played as Kyung Woo Yeon, who works as a calligrapher. After a decade of pinning, she decided to give up her one-sided love for her guy friend, whom she loved since 18.

On the other, Ong Seong Wu played as Lee So, a charming guy who works as a photographer and the longtime object of Kyung Woo Yeon’s affection that suddenly started to see her in a different light.

In the new video clip, Shin Ye Eun and Ong Seong Wu performed a scene where they are out for drinks together with some actors such as Ahn Eun Jin, Choi Chan Ho, Baek Soo Min, and Block B’s P.O.

As the cameras started rolling, Shin Ye Eun got drunk, plunged into Ong Seong Wu, where friends tried to get her off. Before Shin Ye Eun forcefully embraces Ong Seong Wu, she immediately complied to get off while Ong Seong Wu wiped off her clothes. Ong Seong Wu silently begs Shin Ye Wu to get off. 

Later on, she grabbed Ong Seong Wu by the collar and asked for a fight. As the director shouts, “Cut!” the cast sighed off relief, for the scene stressed them. They applauded Shin Ye Eun for an excellent “drunk” acting.

As the filming continued, Ong Seong Wu calmly told Shin Ye Eun not to hit him and go home. For a moment of pondering, she started another fight and yelled at him, “Because of you! Because of you, I have cried so many times!”

Finally done taping, She Ye Eun instantly rose, brushing off Ong Seong Wu’s clothes. He gave her a thumbs-up sign and commented that she is so good.