Jungkook is an artist who always gives the best, whether in performance, singing, and working on music. The singer's hardworking attitude and multi-talents have been acknowledged by many professional critics and even to concert staff.

During the third day of BTS' residency on "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon," the male superstars talked about their upcoming album "BE" in Jimmy's interview. In the show, the group members also competed against each other in "Dance Your Feelings" and topping it all off with an outstanding performance of "Black Swan."

Jungkook was just two days ago, made waves on the internet with his magnificent stage aura and visual and in 'IDOL' performance on the opening night of BTS Week, which made him trend at the No. 1 spot worldwide and in the USA. Now. He becomes the world's #1 trend once again as he appeared with a gorgeous outwear paired with his strong vocals.

Apart from topping the worldwide trending topic, the superstar also surpassed the Lakers and the NBA finals in the global trend and Canada. Despite the production being aired on NBA finals night, millions of basketball fans discuss it in real-time.

Jungkook surpassed every other trend, including 'Lakers,' '#NBAfinals,' and the show hashtag itself '#BTSonFallon_D3.' With over 1.16M tweets, Jungkook trended in 89 other countries and regions. In the US, he also trended #2 and to the number 1 spot in Canada. Also trended #4 in South Korea is '전정국 시스루' which means Jeon Jungkook see-through, 'Jungkook man bun' is also one of the most searched queries related to BTS on Google in the USA.

As the ARMY is loving the fact that Jungkook is becoming more confident in exploring himself and his style, his fans are even hoping for Jungkook to style himself for official performances.

In worldwide, the US and South Korea trends, Jungkook has been trending for hours after the performance, which shows his massive influence on worldwide fans.