Weki Meki is a South Korean all-girl ensemble created and trained by N.O.A. Entertainment, now known as Fantagio, in 2017. The girl group comprises eight lovely and sweet members, namely, Choi Yoo-Jung, Ji Su-Yeon, Elly, Sei, Kim Do-Yeon, Rina, Lua, and Lucy.

All eight members kicked off their idol journey as trainees for Fantagio i-Teen, which is an idol development show under the bracket of Fantagio Entertainment, commonly known as i-Teen Girls.

In a report by Kpopstarz, i-Teen Girls Choi Yoo-Jung, Kim Do-Yeon, Lucy, Lua, and Elly, also former trainees Lee Soo-min and Chu Ye-jin, graced a handful of cameo roles in the ladies’ label mates ASTRRO’s online web drama series entitled To Be Continued.

Furthermore, members Elly, Kim Do-Yeon, Choi Yoo-Jung, and Sei joined hand in hand as they cross swords on Mnet’s survival T.V. show Produce 101, that was broadcasted from January 22 to April 1, 2016. Kim Do-Yeon and Choi Yoo-Jung finished at the final 11 cuts, paving their way to debut the girl group I.O.I.

More than a year after, the entertainment agency confirmed on July 6, 2017, that they would be launching a new girl group named Weki Meki. The girl group then released their debut mini-album entitled Weme on August 8 of the same year. The said mini-album bottles up six tracks, including its title track, called I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend.

Weme also gives prominence to the lyrics written by member Choi Yoo-Jung, leading for the release of the limited B-version copy of the album a month later.

Earlier this year, Fantagio announced that Weki Meki is working for their comeback with the single called Dazzle Dazzle.

For the time being, Weki Meki has hinted another comeback on September 21 through the mini-album entitled NEW RULES, which is set to arrive this coming October 8 at precisely 6 P.M. K.S.T.

Stay tuned!