Maroo Entertainment’s newest K-pop all-boy group, GHOST9, is still on the game as they continue to fulfill the promised points for their awaited debut. GHOST9 finally revealed the first taste of DOOR, a theatrical note of their first album entitled PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR.

As per Hellokpop, the 16-minute video snippet tags along with a cinematic setup that features the band meeting their soulmate named GLEEZ for the very first time. The enormous robot follows all nine dashing lads of the band, commanded by Lee Jin Woo.

Moreover, the idol saw an unusual behavior on Earth, leading him to face the red-eyed creature. After the eccentric scenarios, the two came hand in hand as they reveal their sole figures.

On top of the futuristic notes of the video clip, it also depicts the best craft created through the mixture of 3D effects and computer graphics used in science-fiction films. Elements like giant aircraft, hologram compass, robots, and the 2D graphic character of GLEEZ, added to the video clip’s intense content.

Reports find that the video clip released by GHOST0 is reminiscent of the iconic film titled E.T., where the band and the robot communicated through the act of pointing their fingers.

PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR tracklist

GHOST9’s home management and recording label, Maroo Entertainment, further excited the fans' anticipation when the agency revealed the album’s tracklist. The said tracklist was made known by the agency through their official social media accounts.

The post shows that PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR bottles up six tracks and one title track in the name of Think of Dawn.

More of GHOST9

The newest K-pop boy band comprises nine members that are in the average age of 18.

K-pop trainees who emerged victorious to covet a spot in the band are Lee Woo Jin, Lee Jin Woo, TEEN TEEN’s Lee Tae Seung, lee Shin, Hwang Dong Jun, Lee Kang Sung, Choi Joon Seong, Prince, and Son Jun Hyung.