Maroo Entertainment’s forthcoming all-boy band GHOST9 has kicked off the countdown for their debut through releasing exhilarating solo teaser photos for ‘Pre Episode 1: Door.’

In the span from September 9 to September 11, the dashing lads of GHOST9 became the subject of the solo teaser photos that is styled in a compelling concept.

The first set of teasers starred members Lee Kang Sung, Shin, and Lee Jin Woo. The three charming lads’ gazes are compelling looks at the camera as they show off their immense poses and attitudes.

On the other hand, members Hwang Dong Jun, Lee Tae Seung, and Son Jun Hyung made their fans’ curiosity heightened when they showcased their calming poses alongside their gentle facial expressions. The lads donned stylish leather jackets and chain, while each of them gave off their laid-back auras.

A more piercing gaze straight to the camera was pulled off by members Choi Jun Seong, Lee Woo Jin, and Prince as they exude their man-beauty in their solo shots.

With the agency releasing the first set of teasers for their band’s upcoming debut, rookie fans couldn’t help but gush over their idols’ photos. The enigmatic and inexplicable moods of each member of GHOST9 made their fans’ anticipation of reaching its highest level, as they are waiting for their idols’ much-awaited debut.

Check out GHOST9's teaser photos here.

Previously, GHOST0 made known the official promotional schedule plan for the countdown to their album’s launch. As seen on the teaser setlist, a cinematic entry for ‘Pre Episode 1: Door’ is set to be made known by the band this coming September 14. It will then be followed by the album’s tracklist and three unique video clips starting from September 16 to September 18.

As GHOST9 continues to poke their fans’ anticipation, the rookie band will give prominence to a music video teaser on September 21, to be followed by a highlight medley the day after.

GHOST9 will put on the show for their debut on September 23.