The global fandom of the famous K-pop boy group BTS, ARMY, is calling the attention of Big Hit Entertainment for allegedly mistreating one of their members, mainly Jin. The demand started from the whole fandom when Jin's part in the EDM version of their newly released song "Dynamite" was cut entirely out.

Following the pleads, hashtags trended on twitter real-time searches and mentions, #BTSis7, #SeokiJin, #Epiphany, and #JinDeservesBetter. In this way, the ARMY can draw the management's attention and will presumably fix the errors they have made on the EDM version immediately.

Meanwhile, some of the BTS fans used the opportunity to demand equal treatment for the neglected member. The fans claim that Jin is one of the most treasured BTS members, so he should be given more lines, more exposure, and, most of all, more respect.

The fans also noted that it was not the first time that the "worldwide handsome" member was cut out or neglected as part of the group. Aside from the missing part of the EDM Version of "Dynamite," fans also observed previously, that Jin was cut from the BTS magazine and other group photos.

In addition, fans noted that Jin has fewer lines in their songs, less screen time, and fewer solo parts compared to other members.

Fans are not blaming the other group members of BTS with more lines than him, but they are expecting Big Hit Entertainment to give the same opportunities and fair distribution and promotion for the artists.

Meanwhile, Jin's particular fandom is called "Princesses," and the ARMY's are leaving Jin with encouraging messages, that they will always root for the seven-membered group.

BTS boy group, which comprises Jin, RM, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, V, and Jungkook, released an acoustic version and EDM version of their song "Dynamite" available on domestic and foreign music sites. (Via KpopStarz)