Previously, ITZY made an impressive return with "Not Shy," a hard-hitting, upbeat release with the optimistic message that you'd like to go for.

On August 18, the girls appeared on Choi Hwajung's Power Time radio from SBS Power FM to market their latest mini-album release and return. That same day, ITZY was "Not Shy," as they spoke about preparing for the return and how much energy and resources they poured into developing and improving the output performance.

The ladies expressed that while their previous album, "WANNABE" had a challenging choreography, "Not Shy" was around 2.5 times more difficult. Yeji revealed that they usually focus on three aspects of a comeback-singing, dance, and live.

To get their bodies accustomed to the demanding tune, they are usually training for most of the day. Yeji discussed how they only rehearsed on "Not Shy" alone for around 7 and 8 hours a day. (via Koreaboo)

Yuna mentioned that this was so challenging for them initially; their bodies started shaking after each rehearsal until they got used to it. Yeji kept going because of achy muscles, they couldn't walk well the day after, but dancing aided to help alleviate the cramp afterward.

The ironic part of it made the studio people laugh all over. Check out their new song below!


ITZY launched the year with its showcasing journey in the United States, beginning in Los Angeles on January 17. Itzy produced its second EP, It'z Me, and its leading single "Wannabe" on March 9, 2020.

The EP premiered to number one on the Gaon Music Chart in South Korea, making it the country's first successful release. It also debuted Billboard's World Albums Chart at number five, their highest spot on the list.

ITZY debuted their latest EP Not Shy on August 17, 2020, and the video clip for the same-name leading single.