Its almost been a year since BTS' Jin released his song Tonight or This Night on SoundCloud and ARMYs are paying tribute to his self-composed song by having a Twitter party to celebrate its 300th day. 

According to a report by All Kpop, ARMYs began trending the hashtags related to the topic on Korean twitter such as #이밤300일축하해and #Tonight300days

It can be recalled that the song was written by Jin as an ode to his beloved pets. As such, it was not available for purchase and was only available through streaming by SoundCloud. 

Tonight was released as part of BTS Festa and was applauded for the use of softer melodies and minimal instruments which showcased the beauty of his vocals. It was also the most commented song on SoundCloud. 

After hearing the song, it can be recalled that Daley, a British artist was so impressed that he reached out to Jin for a collaboration. 

After BTS wrapped up the US promotions of Map of the Soul:7, BTS members are back in Korea and touching base with their good friends. Most recently, V collaborated with the Itaewon Class team to participate in the OST and produce Sweet Night to support his good friend Park Seo Joon's successful drama. 

However, V was not the only BTS member to have connections in the acting world. Worldwide Handsome Jin recently sent his support to his friend Yoo Seung Ho on the set of his new drama, Memorist

Jin showed off his quirky personality by captioning the coffee truck's banner with "World Star BTS Jin dedicates to the great actor Yoo Seung Ho," and using one of his funny pictures. Seung Ho replied in good humor by using the same words to express his appreciation, Hello Kpop reported. 

"World Star Jin. I will drink coffee well. From the great actor, Yoo Seung Ho," he said as he posed with a coffee cup near Jin's banner.

There is no shortage of news about BTS' visual member as rumors recently surfaced that he was actually from a chaebol background. 

According to rumors, Jin's background has always been a source of mystery to fans because Big Hit Entertainment hardly released any information about Jin's family. However, they gathered from what little information they had that Jin took the Math test for two very prestigious Korean universities -- Konkuk University and Sejong University, indicating that he was from a well-off background.  

As a result, fans concluded that he was the son of a former Miss Korea and a company CEO, Kbizoom reported.