Krystal has reportedly left SM Entertainment and is getting interested in joining an acting company.

Krystal has already departed SM Entertainment as per an official article by Ilgan Sports. "With a new agency, Krystal is planning for a fresh start and that she has departed SM Entertainment, that has been her home for more than a decade." -SM Entertainment Representative (via Koreaboo)

Krystal had already been in touch with some well-known actor management firms who had sent her love calls after learning about her existence as a free agent. She has had discussions with the said agencies, but she has not agreed to sign an agreement with a particular organization yet.

The idol actress is searching for a company where she can concentrate mostly on acting, but can still put out an album once fully prepared. SM Entertainment has not revealed all the details yet.


Krystal merged with the ballad party SM The Ballad in 2014, which was initially founded in 2010 by SM Entertainment. She performed the Japanese version of the opening song "Breath" with Changmin of TVXQ on its 2nd album Breath.

She also sang a cover version titled "When I Was When U Was" with EXO's Chen. Krystal managed to perform Chen's duet live at the SM The Joint Recital in Ballad on February 12, 2014. In June that same year, Krystal was showcased in the TV program, Jessica & Krystal, alongside her sister Jessica.

The series focused on a softer and more intimate perspective of the two women, discussing their sisterly relationship and public profile. Krystal got her initial prominent role starring Rain in the SBS drama My Lovely Girl later in the year. She embodied a girl who transfers to Seoul from the countryside to achieve a specified music goal and ultimately ended up finding fateful love during the journey.

Commenting on Krystal's attitude towards work, Director Park Hyung-ki said, "After taking on a tough role, she displays her dedication to pull it off through her look to the point that you can see honesty in Krystal when she is in front of the camera."

Krystal also produced a solo track for the OST of the series "All Of A Sudden" Jung managed to win the "Most Popular Actress" award in the television bracket at the Baeksang Arts Awards for her character in the drama.