Isn't it ironic that some of the K-pop idols seem so perfect for the group, but they almost did not make it as a legit member? Here are some stories that icons have already revealed before, and some may surprise you.

Jungkook of BTS

There is only one reason why Jungkook almost did not become a member of BTS. In his early days, he focused more on dancing, and he hung out more often in Los Angeles as a trainee for a short time, learning how to dance.

So there came a time that he wanted to be a professional dancer instead and stop his career as a K-pop artist. And with Jungkook not following their plans for BTS' debut, one of the members Jimin had to step in.

He treated Jungkook with ice cream and convinced him not to leave the group as the group needed him. After that, Jungkook decided to stick with the group.

Bambam of GOT7

Bambam was supposed to be not included in the original line-up of GOT7. He is set to debut in another boy group whose plans are already set after the GOT7.

Then things got more interesting when the boss of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk played a role on which involves him asking Bambam to be a member of GOT7.

In the show "WIN: Who Is Next?" Yang Hyun Suk found Bambam's dance performance impressive, which may have influenced JYP Entertainment to decide to let him in the group.

J-Hope of BTS

It broke the hearts of fans and those members of the group when announced that J-Hope was dropped out from the company's debut line-up. Jungkook cried, hearing that news.

RM, the leader of the group, made the company realize that J-Hope is crucial to BTS. With that word, Big Hit Entertainment listened to RM and decided that J-Hope needs to be in the group.

Source: Kpopmap