BTS V's track "Slow Dancing" has been honored as the "Song of 2023" by Tokyo FM, a leading radio broadcaster in Japan, showcasing its widespread popularity. The K-pop flagship program "Pop K Top 10 Friday" on Tokyo FM awarded V's solo album title track "Slow Dancing" from "Layover" with this prestigious accolade and presented a special trophy.

Tokyo FM conducted preliminary voting for both male and female categories through the K-pop idol voting platform "Idol Champ," selecting the top 15 from each category to proceed to semi-finals and finals, where the winning song was chosen.

V will receive a special trophy, and a support advertisement will be broadcasted on the large screen of YUNIKA VISION, situated at the crossroads in front of Tokyo's Shinjuku station.

Additionally, "Pop K Top 10 Friday" announced that UMI's new song "Wherever U R," featuring V, was selected as the January MVP based on cumulative points scored through weekly voting.

V has consistently topped Japan's music charts and K-pop popularity polls, affirming Japan as "Taehyung Land." V's solo album "Layover," released on September 8 last year, debuted at No. 1 on the Oricon "Daily Album Ranking."

In Oricon's "Annual Ranking 2023," "Layover" secured the 16th spot in the "Album Ranking" category with 247,826 sales, the highest rank for a K-pop solo artist. Moreover, it achieved the highest rank for a K-pop solo artist in three Oricon chart categories, including 19th in "Combined Album Ranking" and 5th in "Western Music Album" ranking.

V has also set records by maintaining the No. 1 spot for 147 consecutive weeks in the "K-pop Male Idol Ranking Vote" on the popular idol ranking site "Nehan" and 143 consecutive weeks in the "Top 20 Korean Male Actors Vote" on the actor popularity ranking site "Bihan."