BTS Jin's first solo single "The Astronaut" has claimed the weekly No. 1 spot on Mexico's popular radio channel, House Radio, marking its 17th time at the top. "The Astronaut" rose to prominence on House Radio's 'Rankig House TOP30' chart, clinching the No. 1 spot on January 27th (local time) and accumulating a total of 17 No. 1 positions since its release.

The song initially entered the 'Rankig House TOP30' chart on May 21, 2023, and quickly ascended to No. 2 by May 28, before achieving its first No. 1 position on June 3. "The Astronaut" continued to capture the hearts of Mexican listeners, maintaining the No. 1 spot for consecutive weeks in June and July, and impressively holding the top position for five consecutive weeks from July 15 to August 12.

Additionally, "The Astronaut" secured the No. 1 spot several more times throughout the year, including on August 26, September 9, and a two-week streak from September 23 to September 30. It also reached No. 1 on October 14, October 28, and November 25, before making a triumphant return to the top on January 27, achieving its 17th No. 1.

Jin's "The Astronaut" not only dominated the 'Rankig House TOP30' but was also named the No. 1 song in House Radio's '2023 Summer Edition TOP30' and '2023 Song of the Year (RankigHouseYearEnd2023 TOP 30)', highlighting its enduring popularity and influence.

House Radio acknowledged Jin's impact on Mexico's music charts, urging listeners to learn more about the artist and his global hit. The official site also praised Jin's undeniable mark in the music industry, citing his achievements as a member of BTS and the solo success of "The Astronaut".

"The Astronaut" has also performed exceptionally well on El Lobo 106.1 Mexican radio station in Chihuahua's 'THE TOP 100 SONGS OF 2023', securing the 15th position and setting a record for a Korean song in Mexico.

Released just two months before Jin's military enlistment, "The Astronaut" continues to enjoy longevity on radio charts, Spotify, iTunes, and other music platforms, proving Jin's unwavering global influence and raising anticipation for his future solo endeavors.