Actor Lee Sun-kyun has left this world.

On the morning of December 27 (Local Time), the tragic news of Lee Sun-kyun's death was reported. According to the police, at around 10:12 AM, a 112 call was received stating, "My husband has left the house after writing a note resembling a will." Subsequently, the police discovered a vehicle around 10:30 AM and confirmed the identity of the male inside as Lee Sun-kyun.

Born in 1975, Lee Sun-kyun graduated from the Korea National University of Arts' School of Drama and made his debut in the entertainment industry in 2001 through the MBC sitcom 'Lovers' and the musical 'Rocky Horror Show.'

He first gained significant attention for his portrayal of the principled doctor Choi Do-young in the 2007 MBC drama 'White Tower.' His performance in 'The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince' (2007) garnered him widespread love from the public, and he received his first acting award for his work in the series.

Lee Sun-kyun was beloved for his unique bass voice and warm image. He solidified his status as a star through roles in 'Triple' (2009) and 'Pasta' (2010). One of his lines in 'Pasta,' "One Vongole, please," remains a popular drama catchphrase even after more than a decade.

His ability to freely transform across various genres was one of the most significant strengths of actor Lee Sun-kyun.

Active in both dramas and films, Lee Sun-kyun delivered a compelling performance in the 2018 tvN drama 'My Mister,' once again earning public acclaim. In 2019, he appeared as Mr. Park in Bong Joon-ho's 'Parasite,' enjoying the honor of being part of the movie that won the Palme d'Or at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival.

'Parasite' not only swept the Cannes Film Festival but also the Academy Awards, earning Lee Sun-kyun global recognition. He continued his career with roles in Apple TV's original series 'Dr. Brain,' SBS drama 'One Dollar Lawyer,' and movies 'Kingmaker,' 'Killing Romance,' and 'Sleep.' He was also at the peak of his career, attending this year's Cannes Film Festival with two upcoming works, 'Sleep' and 'Escape: PROJECT SILENCE.'

At a time when he was actively involved in various projects, Lee Sun-kyun was under police investigation for allegations of marijuana and psychotropic drug abuse under the Narcotics Control Act since last October.

The day before his death, on the 26th, Lee Sun-kyun, through his lawyer, submitted a request for a polygraph test to the Incheon Police's Narcotics Crime Investigation Unit, asserting that the only evidence for his drug abuse allegations came from the testimony of a nightclub manager, Mr. A, and that the credibility between the two claims should be determined through the lie detector test.

Following the drug abuse allegations, the release of his films 'Escape: PROJECT SILENCE' and 'The Land of Happiness' (working title) was temporarily put on hold. These movies will now remain as his posthumous works.

The wake is being held at the Seoul National University Hospital funeral hall, with his wife Jeon Hye-jin listed as the chief mourner. The funeral will take place at midnight on the 29th, with the burial site in Buan County, Jeollabuk-do.