Attrakt (CEO Jeon Hong-Jun) is proceeding with a lawsuit for damages against three former members of the group FIFTY FIFTY and those involved in the alleged unjust termination of their exclusive contracts.

On December 19, Attrakt announced, "We have filed a civil lawsuit against former FIFTY FIFTY members Saena, Sio, and Aran for breach of exclusive contract, demanding damages and a penalty for breach. In addition, The Givers, An Seong-Il, Baek Jin-Real, and the parents of the three members are also being sued for joint illegal acts resulting in damages."

The amount of damages and penalties calculated by Attrakt is said to be in the hundreds of billions of Won. However, considering the possibility of further damages during the lawsuit, they have initially filed the lawsuit in a partial claim manner at the submission stage of the complaint.

Park Jae-Hyun, an attorney from the law firm Kwangjang representing the lawsuit, stated, "We will do our utmost in conducting this lawsuit, keeping in mind that this case could serve as an important opportunity to establish fair trading order in the entertainment industry, beyond mere recovery of damages."

Debuting in November last year, the group FIFTY FIFTY (Saena, Keena, Aran, Sio) began to garner attention with their song 'Cupid' released in February this year. However, the members accused the company of non-transparent settlements and unreasonable scheduling, claiming that the agency failed to fulfill its contractual obligations. Consequently, in June, they applied for an injunction to suspend the effect of their exclusive contract at the Seoul Central District Court, demanding a split from Attrast, but the application was rejected in August. They filed an appeal against the court's decision.

Attrakt raised suspicions that there were external forces enticing FIFTY FIFTY members to breach their exclusive contract. The agency filed a lawsuit against An Seong-Il, the producer of 'Cupid' and CEO of The Givers, and two others for obstruction of business, destruction of electronic records, fraud, and breach of trust. The Givers and Warner Music Korea, the global distributor for FIFTY FIFTY, both denied being behind the member poaching and initiated legal action.

In October, member Keena submitted an appeal withdrawal for the injunction on the exclusive contract effect and returned to Attrakt. Attrakt then notified the remaining three members, Saena, Aran, and Sio, of the termination of their exclusive contracts.