Jay Park, the head of More Vision, and his signed artist and singer Jessi have dismissed rumors of a conflict between them.

On December 6, The Fact reported, "More Vision recently conveyed to Jessi their intent to terminate the exclusive contract, and both parties are discussing it. The possibility of mending the relationship and continuing the contract seems very low," The media outlet also reported that Jessi had experienced conflict with the agency over her new song 'Gum' released in October.

However, both Jay Park and Jessi denied these reports. On December 7th, early morning, Jay Park posted a photo with Jessi on his Instagram story, firmly stating, "There's no discord like that." Jessi also posted a photo with Jay Park on her Instagram story, commenting, "Just arrived in New York and woke up to nonsense. We are getting along fine. Have a happy holiday."

Meanwhile, after leaving Psy's P Nation, Jessi joined More Vision in April. More Vision houses artists including leader Jay Park, Honey J of Holly Bang, and singer Chungha.