The members of BTS are sharing updates as they prepare for their military enlistment.

On the 26th, V posted a picture without any specific comment. The photo, showing snippets of cut hair, has attracted attention, especially since V added an emoticon resembling a haircut. This has led to speculation that V might have gotten a haircut in preparation for his military enlistment. However, others believe that, given the lack of a specific enlistment date, V may not have cut his hair for this reason just yet.

Previously, on the 23rd, Jin responded to a post by Jungkook, who was sharing his thoughts on enlisting. Jungkook wrote, "I will be starting a new journey this December. I'll be leaving you for a while for military service," adding, "Sharing this news, I feel heavy-hearted but also warmed by the precious memories with ARMYs."

Jin, the first member of BTS to enlist, responded humorously to Jungkook's post. He had also left lighthearted comments when J-Hope's enlistment news broke last February, such as "Welcome," "I'll soon be a Private First Class. Don't make eye contact if we cross paths. I am a Private First Class, and you'll be a trainee," and other playful remarks.

RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook of BTS have started the process of fulfilling their military duties. Big Hit Music announced, "We ask for your warm support and unchanged love until RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook return healthy after completing their military duties. The company will continue to provide unwavering support and affection for our artists."

Under the revised military service law of 2020, BTS members, classified as "persons of outstanding talent in the field of popular culture and art," can delay their enlistment until the age of 30. Following Jin and J-Hope, who canceled their deferment to enlist as active-duty soldiers, and Suga, who began alternative service as a public service worker in September due to a shoulder dislocation, the remaining members have also decided to fulfill their military obligations.

This situation heightens the possibility of the members reuniting in the second half of 2025, ending the 'military hiatus' and resuming full-group activities.