The group NewJeans is showcasing their enduring popularity on the American Billboard chart.

According to the latest US Billboard chart released on October 24 (local time) for the week of October 28, NewJeans (Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, Hyein) and their second mini-album 'Get Up' have secured the 84th spot on the main album chart, 'Billboard 200'.

With this, 'Get Up' has maintained its position on the chart for 13 consecutive weeks since it first topped the chart on August 5th, continuing the record-setting journey of the longest-charting 4th generation K-pop girl group.

Furthermore, this album claimed the 2nd spot on the 'World Album', 17th on the 'Top Current Album Sales', and 20th on the 'Top Album Sales' charts.

The title tracks of 'Get Up', 'Super Shy' and 'ETA', are both running strong on the global charts. 'Super Shy', which once stayed on the Billboard main song chart 'Hot 100' for 8 weeks, ranked 44th on the 'Global (excluding the US)' and 70th on the 'Global 200', maintaining its position in both charts for 15 consecutive weeks. 'ETA' has been on the charts for 13 weeks, ranking 89th and 146th respectively on the two charts.

Additionally, NewJeans' song 'GODS', the theme song for the '2023 League of Legends (LoL) World Championship', successfully charted for 2 consecutive weeks, ranking 116th on the 'Global (excluding the US)' and 173rd on the 'Global 200'. With even their game theme song making it to the Billboard charts, NewJeans has once again proven their powerful influence.