In a candid episode of Star Road, BLACKPINK's leading ladies, Jisoo and Jennie, delved deep into a friendly quiz, aiming to unveil the mysteries of their ideal romantic partners. The twist? Determining if their answers would mirror their actual preferences.

Jennie, showcasing her deep bond with Jisoo, answered multiple questions about her fellow member with remarkable accuracy. However, as the topic transitioned to Jisoo's romantic inclinations, the waters became murkier. Jisoo's ever-evolving tastes added a layer of complexity to the quiz.

Surprisingly, Jennie revealed that the BLACKPINK members rarely broach the topic of their ideal types. She emphasized that the quartet doesn't stick to a fixed checklist when it comes to potential romantic partners.

Jisoo, not one to shy away from candid revelations, shared her two primary criteria for an ideal partner. Topping her list? An individual who is a staunch supporter and an ardent admirer of Jisoo herself. "I have two types that I like," Jisoo elaborated. "Firstly, someone who genuinely adores me, essentially Jisoo's biggest fan." She also expressed a penchant for those with enchanting smiles, indicating that a captivating grin could win her heart.

As the quiz progressed, the tables turned, and Jisoo was tasked with deciphering Jennie's romantic preferences. After some contemplation, Jisoo deduced that Jennie leans towards someone reliable, someone who can stand as her pillar of strength. Jennie, with a nod of agreement, validated Jisoo's assessment.

The episode culminated with a heartwarming display of Jisoo and Jennie's deep-rooted camaraderie, a testament to their bond that transcends mere friendship. Their playful banter highlighted their sisterly bond, forged through years of living together and sharing countless memories. "We know each other too well. We've lived together for so long," Jisoo remarked with a chuckle, with Jennie jestingly adding, "We only missed two questions for fun." Their mutual understanding, they concluded, might even surpass that of their own families.

In related news, the K-pop realm is still buzzing from BLACKPINK Jisoo's recent public acknowledgment of her relationship with Ahn Bo Hyun. This revelation marked a significant moment, with fans eagerly awaiting Jisoo's subsequent public appearances.