Actor Yoo Ah-in, facing allegations of using drugs including propofol and cocaine, managed to avoid detention. Yoo expressed, "I respect and appreciate the court's decision."

According to the court on the 25th, Judge Lee Min-soo, who is in charge of warrant examinations at the Seoul Central District Court, rejected the detention warrant against Yoo, who is accused of violating the Act on the Control of Narcotics, on the previous day.

The presiding judge stated, "A considerable number of evidences related to the crime have already been secured, and the defendant has admitted to a significant portion of the basic facts."

He added, "The defendant is repentant for cannabis smoking, and there is some room for dispute about cocaine use, so it is necessary to ensure the right to defense." Considering factors like Yoo's stable residence and absence of previous similar offenses, he explained, "It's difficult to definitively conclude that Yoo may destroy evidence or escape beyond the scope of exercising the right to defense."

After the rejection of the warrant, Yoo, who left the Mapo Police Station in Seoul at around 11:39 PM, answered a reporter's question, "It's not for me to judge if the police's attempt at detention was excessive," and said, "I respect and appreciate the court's decision."

In regards to the allegation of cocaine use, he said, "It's difficult to discuss this through the media," and added, "I will sincerely engage in the remaining procedures." Regarding suspicions of destroying evidence, he firmly stated, "There's no such fact."

After Yoo answered the reporters' questions, a plastic bottle filled with coffee was thrown at him as he was moving to his vehicle. The man who appeared to have thrown the bottle quickly left the scene while wearing a hoodie.

The police are planning to decide on whether to reapply for a warrant after reviewing the reasons for the rejection.

Previously, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety requested a police investigation, alleging that Yoo had habitually used propofol. Yoo was found to have used more than 4,400 milliliters of propofol over a total of 73 times throughout 2021. The police suspect that Yoo used propofol over 100 times.

The Narcotics Crime Investigation Division of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency applied for a detention warrant on the 19th, believing that Yoo had used a total of five types of narcotics, and the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office requested it on the 22nd.

Despite Yoo stating during the investigation that he lives at his registered address in Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, it was reported that the police applied for a detention warrant due to concerns about destroying evidence as his actual residence was confirmed to be different.

During the warrant hearing the previous day, Yoo said, "I admit to a considerable part of the allegations," but in response to the question, "Did you try to help an acquaintance escape?" he firmly responded, "I did not attempt such a thing at all." After the review, when asked, "Do you not regret taking drugs?" he replied, "I do regret it."

Meanwhile, a detention warrant requested for artist A, who was together with Yoo, was also rejected. The police had been conducting investigations after switching the status of A and three others who are suspected of helping Yoo take drugs or taking drugs together with him, to suspects.

Judge Lee, regarding A, stated, "A considerable number of evidence related to the crime have already been secured, and the suspect is repentant for some crimes such as cannabis smoking," and judged, "It's difficult to definitively say that the suspect might destroy evidence or escape beyond the scope of exercising the right to defense, and it's also hard to recognize the reason and necessity for detention at this stage."