The popular medical drama "Doctor Cha," starring Uhm Jung Hwa, is experiencing criticism as it enters the second half of its broadcast, due to a recent episode containing misinformation about Crohn's disease. The drama has been well-received overall, but some viewers are demanding an apology from the production team.

In the seventh episode of JTBC's "Doctor Cha," which aired on May 6, the storyline focused on a patient with Crohn's disease. This condition is characterized by chronic inflammation in the digestive system. The episode depicted the patient's family members claiming that the disease is hereditary, leading the patient to attempt suicide.

The episode achieved a nationwide rating of 13%, outperforming other weekend dramas. However, it also sparked outrage among patients with Crohn's disease and their families, who took to social media to express their discontent. One viewer wrote, "Crohn's disease is not hereditary. This is clearly misinformation. The production team should issue a proper apology immediately."

According to the group, the episode has caused fear among patients who are now hesitant to attend school. They have threatened to create a petition to cancel the drama's broadcast if the producers do not apologize. As of now, JTBC has not issued a statement addressing the issue.

Despite the controversy, the eighth episode of "Doctor Cha," which aired on May 7, achieved the drama's highest rating yet at 16.2%. The show has set a record for JTBC, becoming the fifth-highest-rated series on the network, following "The World of the Married," "Reborn Rich," "SKY Castle," and "Itaewon Class."

As expectations for "Doctor Cha" continue to grow, viewers are eager to see the development of Uhm Jung Hwa's character, who has transitioned from a homemaker to a respected resident surgeon. The drama airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 p.m. KST on JTBC and is available on Netflix with English subtitles.

In case you missed it, you can watch the teaser for "Doctor Cha" below: