MBC announcer Park Jimin (31) has apologized for using profanity during a public event and revealed her close friendship with former soldier and broadcaster Deks (real name Kim Jin-young, 27).

On April 25, Park Jimin shared a photo with the caption, "My sweet little brother who makes me laugh for an hour even when I'm tired." The picture captured a 50-minute call between Park Jimin and Deks, showcasing their special bond.

Earlier, Park Jimin stirred up controversy by using several profanities, including "face," while hosting the production announcement for the Wave web entertainment show 'Game of Blood 2' at the 2023 Wave Content Lineup presentation held on the same day. Eventually, Park Jimin apologized, saying, "I sincerely apologize for causing discomfort with my inappropriate remarks and careless attitude."

Park Jimin and Deks will appear together in the Wave web entertainment show 'Game of Blood 2.'