World-famous hanbok designer Kim Young-jin has revealed that he never offers discounts on his traditional Korean clothing to anyone, including top celebrities.

On the afternoon of the 5th, the tvN entertainment program 'You Quiz on the Block' aired a special episode featuring individuals who have crossed boundaries. Among the guests was Kim Young-jin, a hanbok designer beloved by world stars.

Kim Young-jin, who entered the fashion industry after a life in the performing arts, chose the path of a hanbok designer after leaving a prestigious brand company. He then led the popularization of hanbok by using bold materials such as lace and checkered patterns that were different from the traditional hanbok.

Famous for designing hanbok for international stars like Tilda Swinton and Naomi Campbell, Kim Young-jin has also been responsible for the hanbok of BTS, Jung Ho-yeon, and Kim Tae-ri in the drama 'Mr. Sunshine.'

He explained that the hanbok for BTS was inspired by the 'night clothes' of scholars, while Jung Ho-yeon's hanbok took inspiration from the 16th-century 'geodul skirt.'

In particular, Kim Young-jin shared an anecdote with Tilda Swinton, saying, "When Tilda Swinton had a Vogue photoshoot, she wore other clothes and prepared a hanbok as a backup. She contacted me because she thought the clothes were so cool (and wanted to buy them)."

Kim Young-jin added, "I didn't give her a discount. I don't do sponsorships and receive 100% of the cost. In fact, there are people who collect money one by one because they want to wear my hanbok or our performers' hanbok." He expressed his gratitude for such customers and firmly believes that he should never offer discounts because of them.

In the same broadcast, Andreas Albiol, Korea's first foreign train driver, also made an appearance.