As if it comes with a package when working in the entertainment industry, rumors are naturally prevalent in K-Pop, and most of them get refuted pretty fast. 


However, there have been times wherein the assumptions and rumors were proven to be accurate. The following list includes some of the established theories:


Member Yeonwoo Departing MOMOLAND


Throughout mid-2019, several spectators suspected that Yeonwoo would quit both MOMOLAND and MLD Entertainment, as she wasn't involved in group activities. Both MLD Entertainment and Yeonwoo reacted immediately to all these allegations, claiming that the reports were untrue, and Yeonwoo was gone because she was shooting a K-Drama. 


MLD Entertainment delivered surprising news a few months later, confirming Yeonwoo's plan to leave MOMOLAND. They said she was going because she wanted to concentrate on her acting career, and they completely respect that. 


However, netizens have theorized that Yeonwoo was thrown out of MOMOLAND instead because of her previous post that says,


"Why is it that people always hang on to statements not coming from my lips, thoughts, and feelings that are not in my mind, and acts I don't even do?


No matter what's done regarding me and how complicated everything was, I no longer would like to hold in. I no longer wish to cry. I want to develop a career and to be satisfied with all of you I love."


Big Hit Entertainment Obtaining Pledis Entertainment


There had been rumors in early 2020 that Big Hit Entertainment was going to purchase Pledis Entertainment. Big Hit Entertainment happened to come out eventually but then again turned down the stories.


"We were also open to different possibilities, But we do not yet have a conclusion on what the statements say." 


A couple of months later, Big Hit Entertainment has announced they are now Pledis Entertainment's biggest shareholder.


Song-Song Couple's Divorce


Although these two may not be K-Pop stars, they also have been involved in a series of allegations that eventually happened. 


In early 2019 the Chinese media announced that the pair divorced, as Song Hye Kyo has not been seen wearing her wedding ring anymore. Many fans jumped to their defense, claiming the news-press made false claims. 


A couple of months later, the two announced they were divorcing.