BTS's Jimin makes another achievement as he sets a record for his track Filter and Friends on Melon and Gaon Chart.

On December 16, Thursday, BTS's Park Jimin, who is known to be the lead vocalist and main dancer of the band, achieves another major record history on the largest music streaming site of South Korea, Melon.

Jimin also made it to the Gaon Music Chart with his solo track, 'Filter,' and self-produced track, 'Friends.'

'Filter' obtained the most-streamed BTS solo track on Melon after having a total of 109.4 million streams and 2M unique listeners ever recorded by Melon.

Moreover, 'Filter' managed to obtain the title for the 'biggest debut for a solo song in 2020,' while Jimin's 'Friends' achieved 112.4 million streams and 2.2 million unique listeners recorded on the platform, making it also one of the most-streamed song produced by a BTS member.

Meanwhile, the Gaon Music Chart has nominated Jumin's 'Filter' and 'Friends' for 'February Song Of The Year' in their 20th Gaon Chart Music Awards, on top of the tracks achievement in surpassing 200M digital index points.

The recognition of nomination from Gaon Music Chart makes Jimin's songs the first BTS solo track nominated and Jimin as the first BTS artist to be nominated as a producer.

Check Out BTS songs nominated in Gaon's 'Song Of The Year Award' from debut to present date and their credited producers below:

  • Blood, Sweat & Tears - Pdogg 2016
  • Spring Day - Pdogg 2017
  • DNA - Pdogg 2017
  • Fake Love - Pdogg 2018
  • The Truth Untold - Steve Aoki 2018
  • Idol - Pdogg
  • Boy With Luv - Pdogg 2019
  • Black Swan - Pdogg 2020
  • On - Pdogg 2020
  • Zero O'clock - Pdogg 2020
  • Friends - Pdogg, Jimin 2020
  • Filter - Tom Wiklund 2020
  • Dynamite - David Stewart 2020
  • Savage Love (BTS Remix) - Jawsh 685 2020

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