Fans of the drama series Hospital Playlist could not help but gush over their idols photo op shot at the backstage of the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards,

Hospital Playlist is seen together

In a Soompi report, the star-studded cast of Hospital Playlist flaunted off their comfortability and friendship during the recently concluded 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Yoo Yeon Seok (36) posted a series of photos on December 6 (Sunday), showing his fellow actors in the series and him snapping pictures during the event. Interestingly, the caption the actor wrote reads: "Let's meet healthily in the new year with #HospitalPlaylistSeason2." The caption also comes with the official hashtag of the event.

The photos see Yoo Yeon Seok together with Jung Kyung Ho (37), and group photos of him with Jung Moon Sung (39), and Jeon Mi Do (38).

The said actors graced the #2020MAMA as award presenters, where they were able to show off their dazzling and splendid outfits aside from the hospital gowns they used to wear in the drama series.

Furthermore, Meaww listed Jeon Mi Do as one of the most head-turner artists in the event. She made a grand entrance on the show's red carpet with her off-white vintage-inspired gown. Her short hairdo also made her very noticeable, leading to the photo of her uploaded by Mnet on Twitter go viral.

Hospital Playlist season 2 is coming

As mentioned above, Yoo Yeon Seok divulged into the delightful announcement that the drama is coming for its second season. It was previously confirmed, but it is a different feeling for fans when actors are the ones to ensure the matter.

The second season of Hospital Playlist is slated to air next year, with no exact date yet. But for the time being, fans of the drama series were all delighted to see their idols in one photo, all smiles.