Today, November 30, is the most-awaited release date of the 4th full-length album of GOT7 titled Breath of Love: Last Piece!

GOT7 has become global K-pop stars since their debut and attracted music fans worldwide with their colorful charms and powerful performances. And now, the boy group who has been drawing keen attention through their uniqueness will once again stun fans for their perfect "romantic" concepts. Through their label, the group shared their feelings about their new album.

GOT7 Members' Activities While Making The Album

During the interview, the members of the group divulged their activities while preparing the album. JB revealed that he was controlling his weight. However, his face got swollen during the filming's kick-off, so he worked hard to remove the swelling.

Youngjae also shared that they directed each other since the members wrote the songs themselves. He also shared that JB's song was so high pitched that it was challenging to sing.

Furthermore, BamBam said that he had to keep changing his hair color during the album preparation period since he has other activities. "When you look at the pictures and videos, you'll see that my hair color is slightly different," he added.

An Album That Reveals The Group's Uniqueness

Since the members participated in conceptualizing their album, the group revealed that it would showcase each other's uniqueness. Mark commented that he was delighted to add a song he has made in the past.

The members also thanked their fans, and Youngjae explained that he thinks their fans are the main reason he breathes and why he can sing as an artist. "So I wanted to share these feelings through the title tracks and the album itself," he shared.

There are two songs listed as title tracks for Breath of Love: Last Piece. Youngjae, under his producer name Ars, co-composed and co-wrote lyrics for the title track Breath. On the other hand, JB as DEFSOUL co-composed and co-wrote lyrics for the other title track, LAST PIECE.

At first, JB revealed that he was surprised that their album has two songs for the title track. He shared that he worked extra hard while directing the recording and working on the mixing and mastering.

Breath of Love: Last Piece and the LAST PIECE's music video will be released on November 30 at 6 p.m. KST.