EXO's Kai will be the next K-pop artist to appear on MBC's Home Alone's (I Live Alone) next episode!

Home Alone (I Live Alone) is a reality show that features celebrities' daily lives while living alone. The program allows the viewers to go deeper into their lives. Then and now, the show's stars gather as members of the 'Rainbow Club' together with the host who observes celebrities' lives such as actors and actresses, K-pop idols, comedians, athletes, and many more.

The show released a preview of the next episode that features Kai and Park Se Ri. The preview first played Park Se Ri, a former golf player.

Also, in the preview, Kai unveils that he has been living alone for four months now. He also stated that he sometimes needs alone time but is happy even if he does nothing alone. The video teaser allows the viewers to take a look at his elegant home.

Moreover, in another preview, fans get to see Kai hanging out with his adorable niece and nephew, who were visiting. While he was attending and entertaining his energetic niece and nephew, he quickly lost his energy, yet he persuaded them to behave.

Later on, after his niece and nephew left, Kai spent some time alone again wearing his pajamas. While alone, he also takes care of his pet dog, who jumps onto the couch and sits beside him, trying to catch Kai's attention and love. Kai ended petting him and watched the television with the dog lying on his side.

Meanwhile, the K-pop idol is preparing for his much-awaited solo debut. He will be the fifth EXO member to debut as a solo artist, following Chen, Suho, Baekhyun, and Lay.

The new episode of MBC's Home Alone (I Live Alone), featuring EXO's Kai sets to air November 20 at 11:00 pm KST.