The Korean-Japanese project girl group IZ*ONE is about to disband in April next year!

In 2018, IZ*ONE was formed through Mnet's reality competition show Produce 48. Along with CJ E&M, the band signed two years and six months contract without further extensions.

An agency official has divulged that the group is in discussion with each members' companies and reached an agreement that IZ*ONE would be disbanding. However, they decided to collect the members' opinions since the girl group still has five months before the contract period ends.

The brainstorming of plans

One member's label employee stated in the connection that the members' opinions are the most important. With the group's long time promotions, they already have received lots of love from fans. Also, most of the group members feel that they have already done enough as a group.

The staff also revealed that the members are currently preparing a new album. IZ*ONE is going to attend the end-of-the-year ceremony, so it will be early next year that they will talk and decide.

Japan first raised the possibility of the band's disbandment following the announcement that IZ*ONE would be launching their first photo book in March. The said schedule is just one month before they are going to disband. On November 5, the pre-order for the album will start at noon local time.

The comeback plans

Aside from the photo book's release, previously, it was also reported that the K-Pop female act would be holding an online event on Dec. 21 this year. The said event was specially conceptualized so that the idols and fans can interact.

Furthermore, if IZ*ONE would be deciding to disband in April next year, all the groups formed through the 'Produce' series would have all come to an end.

Meanwhile, on November 10, Soompi reported that the Korean-Japanese girl group is about to come back in December. The report said that IZ*ONE is already in the last stages of preparation.