It seems that BTS Jimin's fans are making a month-long birthday celebration for their favorite! BTS fans commemorate Jimin's birthday by organizing fundraising and donation projects. This is part of the continuation of Jimtober (Jimin+October).

A BTS fanbase from Tamil Nadu, India, BTS Tamilnadu A.R.M.Y., has shared its birthday support project for Jimin.

The fanbase donated a sum of Rupees 11,100 to Lee Self Defense Academy from Vilvarani, Thiruvannamalai, in India. This is for the goal of the group to uncover and help the young talents.

The creation of Lee Self Defense Academy aims to cater to the underprivileged students from the rural areas to provide them with education. Also, it aspires to train the kids in Taekwondo, K1 Pro Boxing, and Boxing.

Furthermore, the academy also aims to open opportunities for talented young girls to participate in national-level tournaments. And also to curb down early marriages.

Jimin's fanbase's meaningful donation was acknowledged and highly appreciated by Lee Self Defense Academy Master Vincent T. Master Vincent's high regard to the heart-warming act was also on behalf of their students, parents, and everyone at the academy.

Heartfelt Thanks From The Grateful Kids

Some kids studying 9th grade in public school at Vilvarani sent a truly touching message from BTS Jimin. These are also the kids in Lee Self Defense Academy who are practicing Taekwondo, K1 Pro Kickboxing for 1.5 years.

The talented kids sincerely said, "Thanks to BTS Tamilnadu ARMYs for the contribution." And it was even made heart-melting when the six kids altogether said, "Happy Birthday Jimin Sir."

Jimin's continuous donations, good deeds, and love for children and education have inspired the project. Previously, it was reported that Jimin made his generous donations for students who are in need.

Jimin donated 100 million won in August 2020 to students of South Jeolla Province. Furthermore, on February 9, 2020, he changed all the desks in Busan Arts High School to benefit 1,200 students. And the idol bequeathed to the Busan Metropolitan City office of Education 100 million won in April 2019.

More Projects Coming

In Jimin's birthday commemoration, other meaningful fundraising projects are still being undertaken by fans. One of these projects is organized by Jimin's fanbase from Chile, Jimin PerfectMan 95.

The fanbase announced on October 16 that they are extending their solidarity Jimin birthday project to raise more money. The amount they will collect will be donated to Little Lucas, who suffers from Type 1 Spinal Muscular Atrophy. He needs the most expensive medicine in the world.

Lastly, the One in an ARMY Charity Project also launched its #KeepGoingWithJimin project to Jimin's birthday. It is a non-profit organization and an ongoing fundraising project to support Free The Girls.

Free The Girls help restore the health of women rescued from sex trafficking in Africa and Central America. Also, it provides education and a hopeful future for them.

The good deeds and giving back of Jimin have undoubtedly inspired fans to donate such good causes on his behalf.

Congratulations to BTS and their warm-hearted supporters!