BLACKPINK member Lisa is one of the most influential K-pop idols in the industry, but getting to where she is now was a challenging process for the Thailand-decent singer. With that said, here are some of Lisa’s best and worst things that happened throughout her career as a BLACKPINK member.

The Best of Lisa

1.Passing The Trainee Program At YG Entertainment With Flying Colors

At the beginning of Lisa’s career, she auditioned for YG Entertainment in Thailand as a part of its program to scout talent in different Asian countries. Lisa was picked to be the best of all the talented young adults and was immediately moved to Seoul, South Korea, to continue her trainee days.

Trainees under YG Entertainment would work seven days a week, 12 hours a day, for five years, until they are cast for a group and debut. Despite being alienated by not being able to speak Korean, Lisa learned the language while being at the top of the monthly evaluation and passed everything the company throws at her.

2.Best Dancer Of BLACKPINK

Dubbed as “The Dancing Machine” by fellow bandmate Rose, Lisa has shown great talent in dancing as the BLACKPINK member always uploads on her dedicated Youtube Channel dance covers to hip-hop songs such as “Malamente” by Rosalia and “Cravin” by Danileigh.

3.Being A Fashion Icon

All members of BLACKPINK are ambassadors of a well-renowned clothing line with Lisa being the latest muse for French luxury brand by Celine Hedi Slimane. Lisa would always front the French brand through her streetwear and promotional appearances, landing her in the pages of Vogue, V Magazine, and other brands.

4.The Most-Followed K-pop Idol In All Social Media

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has 40.2 million followers on Instagram, making her Queen on Social Media within the group with Jennie coming in second with 33.4 million followers, Rose in third with 30.2 million, and Jisoo with 29.5 million in fourth place.

The Worst Things That Happened To Lisa

1.Getting Attacked By Netizens At The 33rdGolden Disk Awards

While BLACKPINK appeared at last year’s 33rd Golden Disk Awards, some netizens maliciously commented on Lisa’s visuals on the award show. The negative comments stated that Lisa “was just a Thai native who looked beautiful in Korean makeup. These malicious comments were immediately slammed by Jennie and, with the help of BLINKs, showing love for the BLACKPINK member and appreciation.

2.Getting Death Threats From Anti-BLACKPINK Supporters

Lisa once received a death-threat from anti-BLACKPINK supporters, who claimed that they would hurt the idol at a concert. Thankfully, BLINKs quickly caught the attention of YG Entertainment and released a statement regarding this issue.

BLACKPINK’s company stated that it would ensure the safety of BLACKPINK and take the necessary steps to monitor this kind of behavior by collecting evidence from fans, to take action with no leniency.