The cast of the new JTBC drama Private Lives talked about their teamwork on the set in a press conference on October 7!

The World Of Con Artists

The new JTBC drama occurs during the current age in which people share, steal, and fabricate their private lives, wrote Soompi. The story will tell about con artists mobilizing all their techniques to disclose the nation's foremost "private life." The drama stars Girls' Generation's Seohyun, Go Kyung Pyo, Kim Young Min, Kim Hyo Jin, and more. Director Nam Gun guarantees that the show combines various genres that include thriller, comedy, melodrama, and caper at the press conference.

The Cast On Working With Their Chemistry

The drama is the first time of Go Kyung Pyo's since his return from military service. The actor expressed his gratitude at the event to everyone who waited for him. Regarding why he decided to take the role, Go Kyung Pyo said that when he first encountered this project, he was very drawn by the storyline led by the character Joo Eun.

In Private Lives, Go Kyung Pyo plays the role of Lee Jung Hwan. He is a spy who hides his identity by pretending to be a large company's regular employee. He then opens his heart to Seohyun's character, Cha Joo Eun, who is entirely unaware of her "private life" as a con artist. Cha Joo Eun learned the trade tricks from her two con artist parents (played by Park Sung Keun and Song Sun Mi).

Seohyun revealed at the conference that when she first read the script for Private Lives, it was so impressive that she decided not to miss out on the show. She expressed that the drama is fascinating because its entertainment deals with an unrealistic actual reality. Each of the characters is so charming and has such strong personalities, and Seohyun was happy about that fact.

The actress continued that she was concerned about charmingly portraying her character, but she noted that she was excited. "I tried to bring out the boldness in my personality to play the character."

What The Drama Hopes For Its Run

Moreover, during the presscon, the cast was also asked about their hopes for viewership ratings. Seohyun shared that they've never brought up the topic of ratings. And rather than thinking about ratings, they enjoyed in the process of filming together. "I hope that it turns out well."

Finally, Go Kyung Pyo expressed that since he is making his return through Private Lives, he can't tell what ratings are considered acceptable at this point. He shared that he hopes the drama can help people relieve the boredom of their daily lives with a laugh.