Esquire Magazine reunites with EXO's Kai for an interview and photoshoot for their October issue!

It has already been four years since his last interview and photoshoot for Esquire Magazine, and many things have already happened within those years.

SM Entertainment created a new group called SuperM that included Kai. Moreover, Kai promoted with EXO and worked on his solo album. Even though Kai has done a lot of things, he feels the same as four years ago.

During the interview, they talked about fashion philosophy, and Kai commented that fashion is a way for someone to express or show their feelings, personality, or thoughts.

Kai added that someone could tell the character through the car they are using or the house's interior, but he looks at the clothes. The idol thinks that fashion is the most incredible tool to show other people who you are.

Esquire noted Kai's announced plans on making a solo debut that he mentioned back in 2018. Kai said that there are many things to prepare for it, so he needs more time to prepare. He is planning to show it soon and asked his fans to wait a bit longer.

Meanwhile, Taemin and Kai are known as best friends. They began promoting with SM Entertainment group SuperM. Esquire asked Kai if there are any differences between promoting together with other groups and now.

Back on the days that they were promoting, Kai and Taemin were the only ones in the age group. They naturally became close to each other because they both like dancing.

However, after their debut, they did not have the chance to meet through work, and they only meet at the agency, but they do not talk that much.

But now that Kai and Taemin are promoting together, they talk a lot about work. He learned more about Taemin, which he did not know since their friendship for ten years.

According to Kai, there was still a lot to know about him. Taemin also shared that he learned many things from Kai that he did not know as well. (Via Soompi)