A former member of MLBAQ, Thunder, made a guest appearance on MBC's Radio Star last September 9.

Throughout the show, he started sharing his plans to establish his one-person label. While admitting he doesn't have any staff working for him, He pursued the intent to produce his music.

Thunder also mentioned her sister Sandara Park, a regular host on the show 'Video Star.' He shared the means of communicating with her is by speaking their dialect, so they don't feature on the same program.

He shared their previous lives back in the Philippines when he and Sandara Park were just little kids. He shared a terrifying event in their family when an earthquake shattered their home, leaving him traumatized. Thunder also spoke of his YouTube channel, revealing that he had given up on becoming entertaining from the beginning.

He stated, "And also YouTubers, Mir and G.O [other previous MBLAQ representatives] are doing very well. I'm not along the same lines as them. I liked watching Netflix, so I recorded a movie-like vlog. I figured that wasn't interesting even while I was editing it. There is no point in really seeing them."

To which Lee Tae Ren commented that he watched his mukbang (eating) vlog, hilariously sharing how he just ate and didn't mutter any words to his viewers. However, it was alluring, and he kept watching it until the end. (via Soompi)


Park Sang-Hyun is a musician, composer, actor, and model known professionally as Thunder. He is an ex-member of MBLAQ, a South Korean boy group.

It was revealed on December 16, 2014, that he had withdrawn from the band to concentrate on music studies. On February 11, 2015, he debuted with the music company APOP by Mystic Entertainment and launched his extended play recording on December 7, 2016.