In the Entertainment Industry, some celebrities are considered “Princesses” or “Royalties” by netizens and fans. These are the type of stars that are favored by their respective companies and are loved because of what they have accomplished throughout their career.

Here are three stars who are considered “princesses” and why their fans hate them.

  1. SM Entertainment’s Yeri (Red Velvet)

Red Velvet’s Yeri was introduced as a member of Red Velvet on March 10, 2015, during the promotions of their first EP “Ice Cream Cake” and has appeared on multiple shows in the industry. During an interview, members of the group described as unstoppable, has her way, and can say what she wants. Thus, dubbing her as an “SM Princess” by fans.

In particular, the allegation of being an “SM Princess” began when she started being a member of Red Velvet without the official announcement of the company, where netizens throw her several complaints about the “Lack of Talent.”

According to netizens, Yeri is favored among other members of Red Velvet, as well as being rude to other members when talking to them. However, she is loved by several idols, including Heechul, late SHINee’s Jonghyun, TWICE’s Nayeon, EXO, and Girls Generation members.

  1. YG Entertainment Jennie (BLACKPINK)

BLACKPINK’s Jennie is one of the most successful members of the group with the only member to launch a solo album in her career. She is also favorable within the fashion industry for her elegant look. Being dubbed as a “YG Princess” fits perfectly on her image as she graces the photos of the magazine clippings.

However, being dubbed as a princess is not always a good thing as fans noticed that Jennie still stands out in terms of makeup, styling outfits, MVs, and was given the most line division than other members of the group. The negative complaints on her grew massively after her “lazy” dancing and dating rumors, where fans hated her for ruining the group’s image. Moreover, fans stated that YG Entertainment is playing favoritism to the idol.

But, many fans didn’t know that Jennie is the oldest member of BLACKPINK, and she is dedicated to the group, as she is considered as one of the hardest workers in the group. Jennie also had many challenges faced before, and the success had followed her to where she is now.

  1. JYP Entertainment Bae Suzy (Former Miss A Member)

Bae Suzy debuted as a member of Miss A under JYP Entertainment’s guidance. Their debut single “Bad Girl, Good Girl” became the number 1 Best Selling Single in 2010 in the country and even bag the award for Song Of The Year, as well as the first Kpop rookie artist to achieve a feat with their debut song.

Later on, Bae Suzy’s career would set her to be cast on the K-Drama “Dream High” and achieve popularity throughout the country, which then people would also appreciate her stunning visuals as well, gaining the title “Nation’s First Love” following her appearance on the film “Architecture 101” where she played a college student’s, first love.

With that said, Bae Suzy would become one of the most successful K-pop idols in the industry as well as an actress. Still, that popularity would always bring more controversy as netizens would criticize her for overshadowing her group, Miss A, and getting more favor from JYP Entertainment.